Monday, November 15, 2010

INFO and my first post!

Well Hello there..? My name is Emi Marie and I'm 19 year's old. This blog is about FASHiON, STYLE and LiFESTYLE! I'm not the best blogger, I will do my best. I had an old blog, name's EMi MARiE's FASHiON STYLE, but I will turn 20 soon anyway and I don't really want to be cute anymore, just glamouris and sexy! I don't have so much time to blog but I try to post every weekend about my week and my outfits for the week! I hope you will follow me and become on of my reader's!

She is on of the models I look up to if it comes to HIGH FASHiON!

But last post about something that I really wanted to blog about! The first thing is, on saterday I went to the Tattoo shop too find a job! I went to an tattooing school the become and tattoo artist but honestly, if you want to become an tattoo artist don't go to a school (learn in a real tattoo shop) ,they suck and the are only interested in your money, well you can call it scams. My school wasn't a scam, it list they cared about you. The tattoo artist that I talk to was very nice and his name is Brad. I must say he help me alot, but will see how it go'es. The next day on the 14th of nov, I was invaited to an Modeling casting call. I think the casting call was an scam but I had fun. If you think about it, dosen't it sound like fun. Was for me! But I'm not going with this guy that does the modeling! I don't trust him...and after the casting call I went with my mom down town portland to visit the NEW H&M! I was soo happy how I found out we will get an H&M in portland! Yea, soon if I have shopping money agian, I will deffently go to the new H&M!

Yep! I'm than, so just leave me a comment and if you like me just follow me, It would make me really happy. So I hope you all will have a great week and a very great weekend! xoxo emi marie~


  1. I wish a lot of luck you with your new project of blog, more natural much apparently. I follow you again~ ^^

  2. Hi sweety!

    I'm your follower! ;D

    Btw, my little sis wants to be a tattoo artist too! Maybe you can give her some tips? :D

    I wish you good luck for your projects too! <3