Sunday, November 28, 2010

Outfits, Tattoo Shop and more...

 Emi's week and more!! Well hello Guy's! So today my post will be about my weekends and about my outfits, hihi! Well I didn't post all my outfits for today but you will see the good ones, my favo's! But befor I start I want it too post about my thanks gving with my family and my boyfriend! The food was soo good and I didn't took pictures..I really need to start taking photos, well I'm not really the picture taker ne..gomen nasaiii (.____.) I had my boyfriend for a whole week and that was the bless for me! I don't get to see him that often. I hope you guy's had a great thanks giving!

Bow: H&M
Shose: Ross
Shirt: Forever 21
skort: Macy's
Neckless: Forever 21
Yea the Tattoo shop I work in!!

My work of art xD

Sometimes I work in the fornt! love my lap..Is soo shinny, plus can you see me xD

My tattoo gun! Her name is daisy :D
Shose: Nortstorm
Skort: walmarkt
Shirt: Ross
Fox Tail hand made!
T-shirt: Forever 21
Shose: jessica simpson
Fox tail hand made
jeans: macy's
neckless: Forever 21

I just love my Fish neckless! xoxo emimarie~


  1. emi you so beautifull i like it !!!

  2. omg you are such a cutie with that hair bow! I and love all your outfits :D It's so cool that you work at a tat parlor. I really need to find a decent job to buy so many things TAT I need to really go to H&M soon too. So many western gals shop there.

  3. Wow, the tattoo shop you work at is really nice! Everything is so tidy. Cute outfits, btw!! :3

  4. I LOVE the foxtail (I want one...) How have you done it? O___O

    ___You're so handsome and an artist *W*