Monday, December 13, 2010

☆ink on you*~☆

Hey Guy's! I must say I am getting pretty good with blogging, thx too you guy's and thank you all for reading my blog and your lovely comments!! Make's me want to blog a lot! Thank you soo much, I give you all a big HUG AND KISSSo today I went x-mas shopping with my mom and my aunt. They bought a lot of gifts...that's crazy (O__o) I'm not really in the x-mas is always the same oh same oh, nothing spacelly really...Oh well! I can't went to see my lovely boyfriend again, he will be here on tuesday night and I will see him on wedsday morning, hihi! That will be fun...ohoh! (x__x)

Back to normal...sorry. Like what I had on today? I was in the mood to look simple but crazy, well gyaru crazy,haha!

Handbag: Juicy Couture
Neckless: Betsey Johnson
Earring's: Betsey Johnson
Shirt: Ross
Jean's: Ross
Shoes: Ross
Hand made: Foxtail

Don't forget my make up look for today! I like it simple but cute at the same time, I really love my new contact's, they don't make me look fake, well little bit fake but not 100% fake!

 james tattoo, almost done!

 Haha, look at me! I look soo funny, my friend said : "Emi why do you look soo bad if you tattoo..?" and I said: " I do..?", she start it to laugh and me too! I think that's funny, but I love tattooing! That's one off my biggest passion! But I am only tattooing for 6 months, I will get better in time!! What do you guy's think about my tattoo I did on James..? (*w*)(V)

My dog curry, isn't he cute!!! xoxo emimarie~


  1. Emiii! I meant that people should ask questions in my tumblr!
    not in my last post! hahaha! xD

  2. Sorry? Why? It's not a problem! :)

  3. Wow, that tattoo is gorgeous!! You're really talented. ^__^

  4. *-* uh, cool~ ... you have a juicy couture bag! <3
    So nice~!
    But I know what you mean with the christmas mood.
    >.< This year I really can't get the right feeling.
    And christmas is already next week. o.o
    So weird.

    & great tattoo! ^^ It's real good~ work!
    *haha* And your dog is so cute~!
    Don't need a christmas tree like that right!?
    So sweet~<3!

  5. haha thank you guy's! really x-mas is next week...omg! It goes to fast D: soon 2011... Oh boy D:

  6. Your Juicy bag.... <3

    I really love how soft your hair looked, very nice. ;)

    Seeing your tattoo work, I really want another one. T_T

  7. the tattoo is so cool!!

    and I love your dog* schnauzer is always cute ♥