Tuesday, December 21, 2010

☆Update *~☆

Hey guys ! Just an little update (^w^) Well yesterday I went X-mas shopping with my mom and OMG! I hate X-MAS SHOPPING! There where to many people and they all acted crazy..Like they never seen a ring before and etc. Oh well, Today my boyfriend come over and we had sushi (*U*) yummmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiii! I had a great day today and tomaro back to work! OH and before I forget, soon I will go to seattle with my lovely Boyfriend for a whole day! Can't wait for that!! Well I wish you all a happy X-mas and a happy new year! xoxo emimaire~


  1. I hate shopping during the holiday too, so many people... long lines... everyone bumping into each other... messy stores... terrible! XD Have fun in Seattle!! :D

  2. I hate shopping during the holiday too.pass it very well^^
    Merry Christmas to you too ^^
    kisses ♥♥

  3. You'r blog is reeeeeally cutee!!!!