Sunday, January 2, 2011

ೋღ Welcome Januaryღೋ

Hey Guys and welcome January! I had a nice new year party at my house, my parents and I was watching the new years show and I really love the song that nicki minaj sang. After the show we drinked and wished us a HAPPY NEW YEAR! This year will be a good year for me, I never will give up on my dreams!! I hope you guys had a good year too And thank you guys for wishing me a happy new year, THANK YOU!!

Today I was having out with my friend Rina chan, and it was soo much fun!! My camera died, so my friend rina took some picture! We didn't took alot because we had soo much fun plus we talked for a very very long time. We went shopping in the mall, so I used my forever 21 giftcart and thats what I bought:

• Minni Muse shirt
• Cute hat
• Flower earrings
• 2 necklesses, one cupcake other one says love
• Cute bracelet

I love the Cupcake! That's really really cute I love to shop, but at the sametime not really (.__.) I shop only if I have the money, if not I shop with my eyes! Thats fun.

xoxo emimarie
P.s: I colored my hair! Its the some color but soon I will have lil bit blond in it! Yeaaaaaa~


  1. que lindo!!!!!! */////////////*

  2. Aww! I love the shirt *___*
    Happy new year :D

  3. I like all the stuff you bought! :3 And I can't wait to see photos of your new hair color! ♥