Sunday, February 6, 2011

Makeup Monster

Hey Gal'sPhotobucket, so my post for today is about my makeup plus my makeup look for today. I promised  a friend I will post about my makeup and things I usePhotobucket, so let’s start then. Ok the first Picture you see is my eye makeup. You can tell that I used 4 fake eyelashes. Two for the top and two for the bottom. Gyaru makeup is very easy when you get it. The big trick with the Gyaru makeup is the fake eyelashes and eyebrowsPhotobucket, some gal's say: the eyebrows are not that important but honestly, you need to get everything right and if you messed up something, just fix it. I always take so much time if I put my makeup on, because I want to get better with the gal stylePhotobucket.


PhotobucketMy Own Gyaru RulesPhotobucket

1. Use four lashes or more if you feel like it.
2. Eyeliner is your best friend .
3. Color lenses or if you don't have them, it's ok.
4. Leave some space under your eye's for the big Barbiedoll affect.


That's how you look in the end. Do you Gal's love this look and me

My Makeup collection
 I have 14 brushes but only used 5 of them.

I have 11 eyeshodos, 6 Masakra's and 2 eyeliner.

Well you Gal's can see what I use for my skin.
I love lip-gloss, I have over 16 Lipglosses and most of it are the same color.

Yea, my lashes! I love my eyelashes collection.
I don't have a lot but soon I will get some more!

xoxo emimarie


  1. Cute~
    But out of the lip gloss, which is your favorite?

  2. my favo lipgloss is called sweet lust from Royal Gloss (Rimmel London)! Thank you for reading my post!

    xoxo emimarie

  3. omg that post is amazing
    thank you so much for it <3
    just love it
    this make up style really suits you
    I really like your MAC make up
    I think I have the same Hello Kitty blush *_____*
    and your eyelashes collection is so cool
    I really like the one you use for the make up style in this post

    oh is the eyeshadow palette from kat van D?
    the design looks so cool



  4. OMG!!!! loooooooove ur eye make up<3333

  5. your eye makeup = ♥
    love the dramatic lashes!

  6. I really Wanna use circle lenses but Im scared if they are dangerous ;A;!
    btw I read the comments above and does sweet lust give a nude affect?

  7. Mei: Yes the eyeshadow is from kat von d! I really love her makeup! U can use sooo les and you can the drama affect is pretty good ne. Thank you mei~~

    Hiki: Thank you hiki *______*

    Cutielippi: Thank you, I reallly love my lashes. they are the boom ne!

    Mirai: they are not dangerous! Just take good care and noting can happend ne :) Yes sweet lust gives you a nuda affect, thats way I love them sooo much! I always use it for after i but my lipstick on :D

    xoxo emimarie

  8. I'm green with envy from your collection of make up >:X

    Your make up style is nice! It stands out. I personally wouldn't pair two lashes at the bottom, but that's just me. You make it look good so keep doing you ^ ^

  9. ooo gorgeous make up!!!

    good job!! I wish I can do it like you some day xdd
    (I will follow your blog ^^)

  10. CrystallyzeD: Still thank you and everyone is different and thats GOOD!

    Aki&Chelesa: Thank you soo much for following me! That makes me very happy♥

    xoxo emimarie

  11. Been really inspired by the style lash you use for the bottom; I really want to try it also *o* yeah I usually use 4 lash also T^T i don't even think that's enough anymore either haha <3

  12. Valentine: Hey, yeaa you should try it out! take a picture so i can see it 2 ne :D Thank you for reading my blog ne~

    xoxo emimarie

  13. OMG!!!! sexy ass make up EMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! too cute... i like that look on you!