Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Black and Grey

Morning Gal's, want it to show you a nother one of my Tattoo work. Yesterday I was tattoo a Girl, and she had an very nice design. I hand drew the picture and she really like's it. I worked on her for 4 hours and she didn't move at all ( was so nice). But well I hope you Gal's will love it!
That's me in the background, I look so...let's called not good...

Black and grey work.


  1. Wow, that's beautiful, Emi Marie!! *__* And you look so concentrated. xD ♥

  2. Oh wow! : D that looks really pretty! What was her reason for getting that particular tattoo there?

  3. Tricia Isabela: Thank you Gal, yeaa I always look like that xD

    나니: there is no reason. Just want it there :)

  4. Loving the tattoo~ looks sick. (and you look so calm and composed...haha)

    AND BIG BANG! YEEEEAHHH! <3 Loving it. :D Did you watch their SBS special? I died. XD

  5. awww it hurts!! >__< but the result is so beautiful!! *o*

  6. Wow that's a beautiful tattoo! It looks so painful, you're so brave!