Friday, March 11, 2011

No she didn't...

Morning Gal's. I found funny Pictures of Sayoko!! I love Sayoko, she is one of my Favo Gyaru Models. The reason why I really love Sayoko is she is very funny, you can tell from the pictures I found plus she is so High Fashion. I really LOVE her! I wish one day to meet Sayoko, well you never know...Today I will go to the Japanese Store and buy me a new MAGAZINE! I hope they have Nuts or Jelly there...They are always gone before I get there....shit...Well I hope not ne! Ohh and today I will see my boyfriend again! Yeaaaaaaa~ I can't wait to see him again. I missed him sooo much. I hope you gals have a great day toooooo!

I love her makeup in this picture, well nomatter what she wears she looks good!

OMG! SAYOKO you make me Laugh!

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