Monday, June 6, 2011

T.A.T.T.O.O 2

Hey everyone. So before is start this post I want it to say, I'm sorry what I did. I didn't know that some of you gals take the Gals Secrets so serioys. That's why I want it to say sorry, but still I want to pound something out. I used myself to show some western gals that atecking other gals isn't right and of course in the beginning I didn't wont it to say something about it. I want it to post it in the next post but I learned my lesson, I don't what to be in it and I don't wont to be a part of Gyaru Secret . I hope you gals can forgive me and give me and second change :( This is my apologie to gals that liked me and respect it me. I'm still the same person that did something wrong.

T.A.T.T.O.O .P.A.R.T.2


  1. Find ich super :D Ich mag deine Posts über die Tattoo Arbeiten! Go, go!

  2. Die Verbesserungen sind wirklich gewaltig gut :3

  3. I think it was a very funny joke <3
    Ink looking very nice :)

  4. They look pretty good. You must have a 'light hand' to able to tattoo so well. How long have you been working as an artist?