Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Hey everyone. I got the new JELLY NO.8/2011 Magazine and on the cover was Kana Nishino and Japanese Pop Artist that I loved since her first song Style! Well I think that was her first song, *laugh*. I was so happy I got it, well I have to thank my Boyfriend for that, I had a very rof week and he thought of me when he went to to japanese store! So he bought it for me. I was very happy and it made my day. Love you Yu san *kiss*.

I love the cover, and I love her make up style so simple but sexy!
Oh and guess what? Kana shop's in Forever 21, you see you don't need to spend so much money to look like a really Gal. Forever 21 is very Gal, if you pick the right outfit they you go, plus Forever 21 remainds me of GALSTAR. I just love Kana, she is beautifula and sexy at the sometime. You can be cute and sexy at the sometime. Kana become one of my fashionista's Icon's.

She look's like a Doll I really love her Style and her Fashion, Kana is a lil Fashionista for Gal's. I love you kana!

Kana Nishino New single Esperanza and  Kimitte at the Music Japan 2011!
I'm in love with Kana's new song Esperanza! I just love it and she can sing live, make's me love her more!!


  1. lovely photos, I think the darker hair suits her better as the bright one! :)

  2. nice pictures i agree darker hair suits her better!
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  3. I love her nomather what :) Just love her :D
    xoxo emimarie♥