Sunday, August 14, 2011

Zoo Part 1

Hey everyone. In my last post I was saying I went to the Zoo with my lovely husband. We had so much fun that we took to many photo's. So I will post about them lil by lil, so you all can see what we did in the Zoo. I'm still adding pictures but oh my god, there are too many, lol. But you will get to see them asap! Yeaaa, but let look some of the picture's we took :P

We had lunch in the Zoo and It was yummy, after lunch we walked around and I seen this cool looking Dinosaria and I loved it! So cool looking, what do you gals think?
They even at a lil store inside the zoo, I thought it was cute!
I love Elephants! I think they are soo cute! The sign sad "Asian Elephants" but I can't tell the differenc about them..? Look the same for me :)
I love this wall of animals :D soo cute!
This bear was very tall and big, oh and soft :) Very cute I must say!
Part 2 come up soon with more animals and us! xoxo emimarie


  1. That dinosaur is so cool!

    And love Sakurina~ Actually your make up style already looks reminds me of her's, very pretty.

  2. Wow, your hairstyle is amazing ! I love it <33