Wednesday, September 28, 2011

If I Die Young.

If I Die Young is one of my favorite song for this year, I love the meaning to it and Yes! it's a sad song but at the same time it makes you think about your lifestyle and wodering, If you would Die Young, would people care...Think of it has an teenager that doesn't feel accepted in this world, some even start cuting themself to feel better, the others just kill themself. We should listen to people that we love and care and be an true friend and start listing to there problems, or better start helping them. No human been should feel like no one loves them, now those day's it's hard to fit in, but fiting in those make people accept you. become someone els, that you alway's want it be. That makes you more you and you will start lovely yourself and respacting yourself. Don't start having sex, because your friends are doing it, if the right moment comes you will be happy you wait it. Don't start doing drugs or alcohol, because some of you friends are doing it. You have to think it like that, if your best friend would jump out of the window, would you do it too? I'm pretty shure you all where saying NO!, so why are you using drugs or having sex with other people? I'm not talking to grow up's, I'm talking  about the  kid's. Your not alone in this world and Yes! the world we are living in it's hard and a pain in the A**, but still you have some great momories with some one you care for. Well, If I Die Young I would live the last moment with my husband, and I would tell him how much I loved him. Live is to short, If your affred to get up, just ask the person you love, if the could help you. Just ask, and don't run away because life is  hell, just try your best, to be the best.

xoxo emimarie

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