Sunday, October 30, 2011

New Room, New Life!

Finally My New Room is done! I am so happy and the best part is I did my whole room by myself *yeaaaa*. I saved a lot of money for it and I am very proud of my work! Dar (my stepmom) helped me with two of my walls and she hold for me two of my shelf's but the rest I did! I took me two weeks, but I had so much fun. I could do it again, well when I have my own house. I hope you Gal's love it, because I am lovely it. My room feels warm and the walls are beautifully brind. I just Love my new room. If you feel you want to change your room, just do it. It makes you want to change a lot more about yourself, and you will feel so blessed you did it! If I can finish my room, I can do a lot of things that will come flying thores me. You can do want every you have set in your head, just go and don't stop.


  1. WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! So nice!! It looks so pretty & super comfy!

    I really like how you've kept it really simply by adding only a few key pieces here & there!

    Looks great !!


  2. What a lovely room! Really cute and comfy looking! The colors are so peaceful, nice choice! :)

  3. Your room look so cute!
    The colors are soooo soft and warm...I really want to live in your room now ;)
    Well done dear!



  4. AWWW~ Thank you gal's so much :D I must say It's my dream room now and I can finally sleep bettter then before and the color is so light that I can really to it :D

    xoxo emimarie