Friday, November 25, 2011

My Gyaru Inspiration for Ageha.

Hi Hi

How are you Gal's today, well I was in the mood to post about some Gals I love to deaths and their styles are so pretty and so Ageha that I really wanna look like that! It's hard for me to get the Ageha Hairstyle but Thank you Sui for you Hair Tutorial, it helped me a lot. I don't really care for the hime fashion I just love Ageha//Hostess Fashion. It's sexy and girly and I love their makeup styles!! Just love love love it If you gal's have any tips are if you would love to help me, that would be so nice *O* Thank you so much for reading my blog and on my last post I got really happy when ppl leaved me nice comments. kissu emimarie

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