Monday, November 14, 2011


Hi Hi

My NEW LASHES// NEW LENESE came today. I was so happy because I bought my first Diamond Lashes and I didn't know how they will look in real life, but OMG the look so good and I can't wait to wear them *O* Oh and my new leneses are the Princess mimi collection. you will see what I choose this time. I hope you Gal's will have a beautiful day. Kissu emimarie

Yeaaaaaaa~ Finally My first Diamond Lash set of Lashes, oh man I can't wait to wear them and soon I will do I Makeup//Hair tutorial. I hope you gals will love it.

Those are the lashes I picked out:

Diamond Lash CM:

My Lenese I bought, I have green so which one did I picked? You will see soon :D


  1. gRATE STUFF,SADLY I don't have any money fot it...

  2. I have money...and I bought that...So okey...