Friday, November 18, 2011 New JOB *O*

Hi Hi ♥

So I just want it to blog about my new new JOB at the Portland mall. I was looking for a part time job, because I want more money and I would love to buy myself a lot of MA*RS and LIZ LISA Fashion, so I need it a new Job. Fuego is a beautiful little shop in the mall that sales cute and hand made things *O* Oh My God their Accessories are to die for, Just love love this little store and now I am working there *yeaa*. You should check their homepage :  or just click the link on my Work @ link on my blog  :) I hope you gals have a great weekend ♥ Kissu emimarie


  1. wow that's a cute shop to work at ;) i miss working in retail sometimes surrounded by cool stuff :) glad you found a new job!

  2. Thank you Thank you so much JANIS *BIG HUG* I am so happy, finally I can get little bit more money, so I can finally buy cute things ♥

    xoxo emimarie

  3. Cute shop! Don't spend your paycheck in the store! Haha!