Tuesday, December 27, 2011

You and I...

Hi Hi♥

Last week and this week was pretty much hell for me and I am not tattooing that much either...oh well. I work a lot at my other job and I really love it, but I hope I can work at Nordstrom. It's a very nice fashion dept. store and I just love there fashion alot. On my next post I will post about my Christmas gifts Haul, meaning I will show you Gal's what I got for Christmas this year. One think I am really happy about, it's my lovely yu san is done with Uni and now he will go and find a job. He went for his first interview and the same people will give him a second one. I am really happy for him, I get to see him everyday now and it feels so good to have him around me, he even gave me the best christmas very. I am so thankfull he was there for me on christmas. Just happy that I have someone that loves me no mather what. It's pretty hard to find now those day's. Love you Yu san.

He made me some nice food, he his a very good cook and I just love his Japanese cooking. Yu san, your making me fat and I am lovely it!! I just love good food, the only thing I can cook is, well let me think....................oh my home made italian pasta (*w*) It's really good. I remember this day, because it was the day when he stayed two day's at my house and well...I was a pretty bad girl (*///////*) I think I should stop now...

Uhhhh can you see the food? It makes me hungry again (-___-)''' But the food was very good and every year on christmas day I always make me some nice warm milk with cookies in it. It's so not good for you but I just can help it. LOVE IT!
Yea Down Town Portland, Yu and I went to see the biggest christmas three every. It was so nice and it really made my christmas day feel more warm and loveling. I just had so much fun with him and I so can't wait living with him. I am just happy when I'm with him, he just knows what I like and he can make me feel better about myself. Just love him.

Kissu emimarie


  1. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas.
    It's really nice to spend Christmas with one you love ^ ^

    btw,is it ok for you to follow my blog also?

  2. No I don't mind following you :D I hope you will still follow me then too...sometimes if I follow ppl back they stop following me.. :(

  3. You and your man look so cute in the pics.
    Pretty pretty Emi :)

  4. you both look so cute !! *o*
    wow the food seems so yummy!!! makes me hungry

  5. Das Essen sieht super lecker aus! <3
    And you and your boy are a perfect match! <3

  6. Du bist sehr hübsch und dein Make Up ist super schön.

    You and your bf are so cute together. ^^
    And the food pictures make me hungry too now. XD I love Udon and Gyoza. *_* <3 <3

    PS: I love tattoos. and think it´s awesome that you work as a tattoo artist. <3