Tuesday, January 31, 2012

S-Cawaii Feb 2012

Hi Hi~

Oh my God, the new S-Cawaii is out and I don;t have it yet!! I am so in love with this magazine, it's crasy. Maybe it's because of the beautiful trents they have and the style remainds me of  indie style, kinda like Adel or Lana del Ray, just love them. But remember this magazine is more for Onee Gal or just for fashion lovers. Today I bought Happie nuts and Jelly magazine but in one week I will go and get me my Sweet and S-Cawaii magazine. I hope you Gals had a beautiful weekend and on saturday is my frist day at Nordstrom, I so can't wait. Thank you for reading.


Trents I love~

 kissu emimarie

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  1. U have great taste ^_^ Can't decide which is the "wowwest" cloth :D Waa I wan't to buy also those magazines wish somebody selling them in Finland ._. <3