Monday, February 13, 2012


Hi Hi~

Just a quick post! Oh my God, my Rilakuuma phone case came today and the best thing is that  I only payed $11 for it! I purchased this on I am so in love with this phone case! It's so cute♥ 

(I used a new application on my phone for this picture effect and it is so cool!)

When I was shopping in the mall, I went to the pet store and I saw this cutest little bunny ever, but he didn't look happy which broke my heart...I wish I had the money to buy this cutest bunny so at least I can see him happy as well as myself...but it is rly sad.

xoxo emimarie


  1. OMG!!!So cute!!
    I love Rilakkuma!! >w<

    Korilakkuma is cute also ^w^

  2. Ouhwnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
    Eu quero esse coelhinho também, que docinho!!
    Eu já tive de pequena, era um amor!
    AHHHHHH, em maio comprarei meu Iphone e vou procurar
    uma capinha igual a essa, mt mt lindo!!

    Estou seguindo, amei o post e o blog!


  3. i have that app XD what other photo apps do you use?? xx