Tuesday, February 28, 2012



I finally found Soul Sister!! I really would love to have this magazine but I can find it anywhere *drop* I really like Soul Sister and the reason why I LOVE it, well couldn't you tell (^___^) They all have Tattoo's plus their Fashion is the boom! I just love it! I hope you all have a great day. xoxo emimarie

(Found at google japan)

 Gal's I found with Tattoo's! *O*

 I don't know why but she look's like Ashley? Love ya Ash!

I will find more Gyarus with Tattoos and I will post them here on my blog! I can't believe it!! Finally I find some good looking Gals with Tats! YEA~


  1. awww i really like your blog! and Soul Sister magazine is just amazing. Gal's with tattoos are hothot <3 !! love tattoos.

  2. Haiiiii *O* LOVE TATTOOS TO :D
    xoxo emimarie ♥