Thursday, March 1, 2012

Give me more D.I.A


Why can't I find anything D.I.A...It's so hard to find good photos plus I really want some nice D.I.A cloths...oh well I just have to wait and try to shop at buckle and Hot topic. The have somethings that look a like D.I.A fashion. It would be really really nice if you gal's could help me (.____.) And the hairstyle are so f****ing CUTE (*ww*) I really should learn how to do them. I hope you all have a good night! See you soon! xoxo emimarie

I found those, I just love D.I.A F****ING FASHION!


  1. d.i.a is currently a real boom in the gaijin gyaru scene... at tumblr you can find some good pics ^^

  2. love it! I'm finally staring to get into the D.I.A. style too. Ever tried the brand skinny lip? They combine styles like Ageha, d.i.a. and Gold's Infinity. They also ship internationally, you might want to check them out.