Friday, April 20, 2012

Birthdays present for Yui Vanessa!

Hi Hi again♥

Well two day's ago I order nice things for my doll Yui, she isn't here yet but soon she will I can wait for that *O* but I thought why not buying her some nice things on ebay. Those are the things I got her♥

A cute wig! I love the color of the wig!

Pretty Eyes *O* I want them for myself to :(

I MACBOOK!I wish the would sell a macbook like that, I would so buy it for me too :)

Cute underwear :D

And a IPhone :) I thought thats was the cuties thing ever ♥

That's it but If all my stuff is her I will make a Video post about them :D Even my stuff and if Yui Vanessa is here I will make a Box opening *O* I am so happy :D But I still need new lenses :( If I have the money I will get me some pretty ones♥

1 comment:

  1. BEAUTIFUL things you are getting her!
    Me and Emi are now waiting to get Leeke World's Mabel, and we are so excited>.< I can't wait to buy things like that for her, especially an iPhone :O hehe~ it would be pretty awesome to buy an DS too^^