Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Hi Hi Gal's 

Yesterday my lovely boyfriend took me out to
dinner and we went down town San Fran. So
we went to Japan town and I must say I was 
shock how much cute stuff they had, plus
 soon they will have a Purikura machine!!
 Can't wait for that!!

Plus I contact Janis 
 I hope we can hangout soon!! I so cant wait for
that!! Well I hope you Gal's will have a gret
Day today! 

  OMG I died when I saw that EGG had a D.I.A
Mirror!! I had it to buy that so bad!  

 And this one too! I don't know why but I am 
starting to love EGG Fashion more (w)b

I even went to the one dollar store and I almost 
died there too xD

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