Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Only Four more Days to CALI!

Hi Hi Gal's

OMG, I have only for more day's left for Cali!! Yeaaaaaa♥ I am moving to San Francisco and I can't wait to finally see my boyfriend again! I am so happy Plus Soon I can start buying all of the Gyaru stuff I like! I am so happy for that!! And sadly I will Sell my two dolls and will keep one of them, Because I am still in love with this hobby but then at the same time having 3 dolls it's to much for me, I feel like with one doll I can get her so much stuff! Plus Sofia looks so cute and some how hime *O* And it least I will blog so much more again xoxo emimarie

P.S: That's my cute Sofia chan OMG I can 
dress her like a really cute Hime Doll!!!

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  1. Aww sad to hear you're selling your beloved dollies but at least you'll keep one of them and be reunited with your bf! Wish I could go to Cali, but I need money to go there first lol!