Monday, November 12, 2012

Lover your Face.


Finally I bought new stuff for my lovely Skin care/ Face Care...

~Make-up remover from Up&Up 
(helps remove oil and dirt that clog pores for oli skin) 
I am in love with this make-up remover plus it helped me a lot with my break outs!

~Total Moisture riser from Vaseline
(clean feeling lotion for healthy soft skin plus it has pure oat extract+stratys 3, multi-layer and moisture)
Yep! That's was I use to moisture rise my Face, hands and body. I love the creamy feel to it and it makes my skin feel so nice and soft + clean.

~Aquaphor from Eucerin 
(advanced therapy for dry, cracked, or irritated skin, clinically proven to restore smooth and healthy skin)
I use Aquaphor for ever problem that comes to my face and body plus I use it to when I have a fresh new tattoo. But did you know if you have very dry skin, Aquaphor get ride of your problems. Use it on the dry aria on your face or body, next day it gone!!

~Face wash for Naive (japanese brand)
(its written in japanese and I can't read it)
But I can diffidently say that its is amazing! It help me a lot with my breakouts to and its make your skin feel clean and fresh. When my bf comes home I will ask him for more details!

~Make-Up foundation from Maybelline New York/dream nude airfoam
(air-infused foundation nude perfect finish SPF 16 sunscreen)
Coming soon Review!!

~Make-Up highlight concealer from Maybelline New York 
(illuminates hides imperfections)
Coming soon Review!!

I hope you all will have a great day.
Thank you for reading!
xoxo emimarie


  1. Where can the Naive face wash be purchased online? I used the bar soap, shampoo, and conditioner years ago when my mom bought me a gift set. That particular store has closed and I really miss the good quality products they make. Thanks <3

    1. Well I bought Naive face wash at down town Japan town in SF :( But you can just google it :D and you can find it there :D