Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Photo shot with Sofia Angelica


This post has nothing to do with gyaru stuff!! 

When I went out with my lovely bf I want it to take my doll out for a really nice photo shot!  The Bjd doll hobby is more for me and its a place I can go to without anyone annoying me....I had so much fun taking her pictures, she is a great Doll! But poor think needs new clothes and I really wanna give her a Gal style!! I seen so many Hime dolls (*w*) their  just so cute but I like to give my doll just a gal look not so really gyaru gyaru look! Make her really Fashion and just cute !!

The funny thing about this day was too, well I took pictures of her and I saw another photographer taking her picture too, he went up to me and ask me if it was oh ok, because he had never seen a doll like this..I wasn't really happy about it but oh whole.. It least he came up to me and ask if it was oh ok... But that's pretty much it. Oh and I had many young girls telling me "she is the cutes barbie I ever seen"...........(SHE IS NOT A BARBIEEEEEEE)<--------------I was thinking this in my head xD 

haha thank you for reading!

What do you think about this doll?
DO you think she is CUTE or Scary?

xoxo emimarie