Friday, November 30, 2012

Pony fibre


How are you all, I hope you all are doing great. Can you believe soon is Christmas! I am so happy, I will go to WADC. I will see my family again. I didn't saw my mom now over 3 years and I miss her very much. I will post a lot of photos!!

Oh let's go back to my blogpost. I am in Pony fibre and I love it! Princess Celestia is on of my favourite pony and Fluttershy, I love their colours and theirs so sweet and nice. But you can be a pony in a very fashion way. Pick your favourite pony and go shopping you can look like your pony but in Human version. How fun is that! Plus I love the show too, it's fun to watch and I just love the art style, its sooo cute! 

xoxo emimarie

I drew this sketch can you tell witch pony this is?

 I just love this gif xD

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  1. wow that outfit totally reminds me of mlp. good job! i like pinky pie and rarity.

    - sarah -