Monday, November 26, 2012

Thank you ayu


Today on youtube I found a new song from Ayu and Oh my god I am in love with this song ! Ayu is my life, sounds wired the why I say it but she was there for since I was 10 years old, her music made me the person I am now today....I just love Ayu very much.

She teach me to never give up for your dreams and if I feel lonely,  just remember your not alone,  you have family that loves you no mater what. I wish one day I can meet her, because I would like to tell her thank you for your music and thank you for being there for me. She was there with here music and with her spirit. 

Thank you Ayu~

 (I love this photo of her, she looks so pretty in this one)


OMG this song is good!Love love love it!

And this song is one of my songs that I always listen to it when I got said or
Lonely! Thank you , with all my heart!

Love you Ayumi Hamasaki!

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