Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fun+ Creative=Fashion


Let's talk about Gyaru Fashion in my own way. Gyaru fashion is getting really popular in the US and Europe,  I never thought I will see so many Gal's wearing the Brands and style. It makes me happy when I see a lot of Western Gal's wearing Liz Lisa, Ma*rs and more Bands in down town San Fran. Well they aren't really Gyaru but the style and the make up is pretty much Gal.

But why do we have so many rules with this Fun and lovely style? Can we just not become are own Gals and do what we would like to do? Is it really necessaries that we have to wear contacts and brands? What happens when some one can't where them?? Could she not be a Gyaru?? For me I always had this question in mind but did know really how to answer it.... That's why I am asking you! Tell me what you think about what is Gyaru to you.

I feel like if you wanna look punk Gyaru, you so should because I never really seen a cool looking Punk Gyaru are even Hipster Gyaru. And I love seen Western Gyaru that dye there hair in crazy colours because for me the look like they having Fun in their own little way :)

Coloured Hair: Red, Purple, Pink and Blue....

Hair, Hair, Hair a Gyarus most and biggerst Fashion style ever. They say, if a Gal doesn't have the right hair or make up doesn't make her a Gal. I understand that, but what happens if they go crazy and dye their hair Blue, Pink, Green, Black or even Red. Would it make her still Gyaru are not. 

Let's be honest here, their where moments where I that myself , I thought dying your hair Crazy doesn't make you Gal, but then I though Fuck it. That look so much cooler then a normal or even simple colour. In fashion you want to stand out and feel your different and If dying your hair makes you more happy, I would say please go for it. Don't hold back!!

Gyaru Brands: Well its normal to me.....

We all love the Brand D.i.a, Ma*rs, LIZ LISA and WC, my favourite would be LiZ LiSA and Ma*rs, because its pretty much different and normal to me and I would feel so good in them. But in the US, they wouldn't see this has Fashion and I think its pretty sad because Its freaking crazy looking and HOT! But what happens if you cant find your size or even, where could you buy them?? Well daaaaa, you could buy them used, but If your not a size S...COuld you find something simpler...? Yes you can :) I would say you should look it to Buckel or Hot Topic. But if you really want this brand. well sorry to say that but you sound start working out or go on a Diet, that what I am doing, I want Liz Lisa so bad!! 

Street Fashion: Fashion that I just love...

Kawaii, this is Fun Fashion right their!! Its cute and Fun at the same time and it would look so cool if some Gyarus would take this fashion style and make their own with it. 

What do you Gals think??
thank you for reading my post!

xoxo emimarie

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  1. nice post^^ i also don't like such "rules". i just wear what i like. There are too many looks i like, and i pick out what i like the most about each... in the end its not easy to categorize it, but it's me :P