Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I lost 8 pounds in 3 days!

Hi everyone!

Today I would like to share with you a great way to lose your weight for good, it's called Juicing and I must say I lost 8 pounds in 3 days!!! And the juicing is really easy to do. I used a lot of Veggies and Fruits and Omg it taste so yummy! If you do the 30 day's cleansing you will lose a lot of weight but at the same time your skin will clear up and your hair will look strong and healthy. But if you do the 30 days  cleansing you cant eat any fast food or anything that has sugar in it. Its sounds hard at first but trust me you will feel so much better about yourself and your body will thank you in the end. Don't forget to workout or just go for a walk it helped me a lot. 

(Juicing is really good for your body)

(This help me a lot, watch this and you will love it)

I will post more about my weight lost, in this blog and trust me if you start with juicing you don't want to give it up! 

xoxo emi 


  1. My co-worker talked about this diet once and I never knew how effective it really was but now reading this post I can see why she raved about it so much. Good luck!

  2. What juices are you drinking? And what do you eat with it?


  3. Hello my name is Jennifer and I was wondering if you live in Oregon?