Friday, February 8, 2013

Fashion Monster

Hello my Fashion Monsters~

Today I just want it to post a blog about Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, this Girl is just amazing and awesome!! Her music is fantastic and so catchy. I think I have a KPP Fieber, haha. I just love Fashion Monster and Tsukematsukeru!! 

And her Fashion is so artistic and Fun, I just love watching her Videos , it kinda makes me happy. But I was so shock when I heard she turned 20 years old! You say WHATTT! Yep this young lady is younger them me and makes more money then me *cry*  But she is a awesome that I just respect her, who could really hate her. She is just so fun and a great Artist. 

Let me know what you Gals think about her?

[AWWW! I want this WIG SO BAD xD]

xoxo emimarie


  1. I love Kyary, she's pretty crazy! I remembered her from modeling and then one day I found out she sings ww~ She's so sweet, though! I got to meet her when she was in the USA at the Rune Boutique Dokidoki6% fashion show! She's so cute! I love her crazy wigs for G.U. ads, too! There's that bat one and they also have vampire lips/teeth and medusa snakes haha it was crazy ^^ I think the crazy wigs they have her wearing now for G.U. are like some kind of flower or plant shape? Anyways, that's my opinion, she's cute and unique (:

  2. Die Perücke auf dem letzen Bild finde ich auch super! :D Total süß. ♥