Thursday, February 21, 2013

Young and free

Hello my Gal's~

Yep! You can still wear school Uniform and still be Gyaru. I think the reason why I just love this look is, it makes you will young and free. I mean look at it, isn't it cute?? Plus I don't see western gals in uniforms that would make it interesting and different! What do you Gals think??

Hehe next paycheck and my new order...hehe

  I'm happy really that I found this and I really want this! The best thing about this is, its boy sizes, meaning it will fit me so much more but lately I can find so much cute stuff!! AWWWWWW! I am getting better shopping online! GO EM!!

don't know why but I love their Hair color, well it looks weird but cool at the same time... 

Aren't does bow so cute! I am thinking maybe Brown...? What do you Gal's Think?

 love em~

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