Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fashion Inspiration Tag!

Hello my Dollies~

Today I want it to post a more Fashion Inspiration Tag and Yes I AM STILL A GAL..I just love every Fashion out there and I just love the Ulzzang Fashion!! [who doesn't?]

If your a western Gyaru out there that loves the Ulzzang Fashion, but feels she cant wear that style because she doesn't want to back step the Gyaru Fashion , to be honest, it doesn't mean you only have to stay Gyaru for ever.... you should mix and match your style, but make it Gyaru!

I get really bored if I stick with one trent, I'm still young and I would love to rock every style out there and I must say, I would love to wear them all, But I am still waiting for my School Uniform *Drop*, what the F***K happened to that *cry*

Oh well, I will still wait like a good girl for it. I hope you Gals love the Ulzzang pics I found! Plus you can get a lot of Gyaru/Ulzzang Fashion at Forever21&Wetseal!! Oh and don't forget Ebay!! 

Let me know what do you Gals think?

Love Em~~

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