Sunday, March 17, 2013


Hello my Gal's~

Today I just want it to post pictures we took yesterday, well they would be more Instagram photos... But I meet so many Gals yesterday and it made me so happy!! And you can tell we took so many purikuras.

Bouncy, Crystal, Erica & I!

 OMG! Plus I bought the New Ageha Issu with my Favorite Gal Rina!!

 Mary, Erica & I

  I just love this one, its funny has hell xD

 My Hair & Makeup for yesterday!!

And this is Mary & I! I had so much fun with this Gal/Lolita!! 

My look for 2Day!!
 Not sure if I show you gal my new iPHONE case? 
Chopper is on the cover! Just love this one!!

and dont forget my makeup look for 2Day!! 

love em~~

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