Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dear Friend!

Hello my Dollies~

Today I was in the mood to blog about this awesome lady right there! She is the sweets Lolita I ever meet! Her name is Mary Taylor but I call her Mari chan!!!

She helped me a lot to understand Lolita Fashion much more and she is a big Inspiration if it comes to Lolita Fashion, I mean...Who doesn't love Lolita?? But I feel like she understands my feelings if it comes to this Fashion and Mari chan will help me to pick out my first Lolita dress

I really wanna see if this fashion is more me and I Know I change my mind so fast but Lolita was the First fashion I learned about japanese Fashion and I always one it one...It does sound dumb but maybe God send me Mari chan to finally see if Lolita is for me....

This time I will try it out and you Gals should check her out on Facebook!! This Gal should get more credits for her Lolita and Gyaru Fashion! 


P.S: I will not give up Gyaru Fashion, I am just trying to find myself!

Love em~

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