Saturday, June 29, 2013

Four more Days!

Hi Gals! 

Today I want it to post about L.A plus omg Thank you so much
Princess Sui! If she didn't post those shoes on her Blog I wouldn't
had known does are Iron Fist shoese! Sakurina has them too and 
I really want it them, If I am back from L.A! Does will be the 
ones I will Buy! *O*


Four more Days to L.A,
Four more Days For MA*RS!

 When I saw this in Facebook or Line I dyed!! Four more day!!
I cant believe it, Its a weird good feeling, its like I am dreaming
or is a joke that MA*RS Is coming to L.A!! It doesnt Feel Real,
I am just to happy and I can't wait to buy a lot of MA*RS Iteams!
Plus I will be Youtubing everything, so dont for get to check out
my Youtube then!

But I hope I will see you all there! Visit MA*RS!
love em~

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