Thursday, June 20, 2013

My true love!

 Hi Gals!

Today I want it to share with you all my LOVE for 
Vivienne Westwood! I know Vivienne Westwood 
isn't a gyaru Brand but some Egg/Ageha Models 
Have or wear Vivienne Westwood Fashion! 

But the real reason why I love this Brand so much 
is, because of the Manga "Nana". I am pretty sure
you all know this Anime/Manga! Nana is one of my
Favorite Manga in the whole weight WORLD!
 Pretty much Nana was that Manga
 that got me trough High School &
Pretty much Life! 

Her Character teached me,
"if you believe in yourself you can make your Dreams come true" 
+nana the Manga made me cry over& over again pretty much I can 
reread it over & over again. Even the movies I can 
watch over & over again!

Nobu & Nana are my Favorite Characters in the Whole Manga!

 Nana's awesome Style!
But Let's talk about Vivienne Westwood Fashion! The reason
I 'm in LOVE with this brand is, its pretty simple! Its F**king
Mind Blowing Fashion plus Crazy & Colorful at the same
time! It's just WOW! And her shoes, Bag & OML her
Neckless/Earrings I want them so bad! 

With Vivi fashion I will different & unique! Being a Gaijin
Gyaru isn't easy but being yourself it its! So if someone
Says you can't be Gal with this brand, just tell them to
F**k OFF!

"Just remember what makes you happy and be your
Self! You life ones right? So use the time to shine!"

My TOP 2 ITEMS I need to HAVE!

love em~


  1. omg awesome!! and i understand u! ♥ i love nana too!

  2. i think you can totally still be gyaru with this brand! i don't see why not~ i looovee the pink purse that you posted! so cutteee!

    xoxo Sarah

    1. haiii! your right! thank you for reading my blog :D

  3. I am so in love with this post! Im a huge fan of Vivian too, because of Nana I have only the armour ring, but my style itself its so nana XD