Thursday, July 25, 2013

† Cuddle with Chopper chan †

Hi Gals!

Yea~ You can pretty much tell that I cant really sleep...
So I thought why not post a small blog post on my Blog!

Aha, I love laying in my bed and playing Anime Crossing!
Thats what I pretty much play when I am getting bed ready,

don't for get my cute Chopper! My Boyfriend and Mr. chopper
here are my to man I need to fall a sleep at night...Yea I am a 
Baby :) 

Plus this will be my outfit for the Jpop festavil this saturday!
AWW! I cant wait to see my friends again plus GLAD NEWS
will be there *O* You know what that means! More BRANDS
FOR ME, hehe!

Plus I tryed to look more Rokku Gal in this Picture! I am getting
Darker and darker with my Gyaru make up and I love it *O*
But I need to buy new CL agian :( My Favorites ones broke ;O;

Good night em~


  1. You improved so much with your make up.
    it suits you so well and I really like that rokku image on you *^*

    1. AWWWW! THANK YOUU HUN! I am working really hard to become a better Gyaru !!

  2. Emi! I love your background! haha :P that chopper is so cute! I saw one at anime expo and I was tempted to buy!
    I hope you can take lots of pictures this weekend! I really wanted to go to the Jpop festival but im so close to going to japan I have to save every penny!
    Btw I think rokku style suits you super well. you look super cool! :P

    1. AWWWWWW! Thank you so much Rosie!!!!!!!!!! I try my best everyday and omg YES! DO YOU WANT SOMETHING FROM THE JPOP FESTIVAL ??? I am so happy that your read my Blog *O*

  3. Your eye make up looks amazing especially in that last pic! I look like crude when I'm about to go to sleep lol!