Saturday, July 20, 2013

Going Nicki

Hi Gals!

Today was my Boyfriends B-day and I had it to work to today..
Oh well but I just want it to show you Gals my look! I hope 
you Gals like i!

Oh my God tomorrow last change! WetSeal is selling all their
 leggings for only $8!! Normally they are $14.90 but tomorrow
they are still $8! I bought so many xD I know I should really 
save my money for the JPOP Festival because GLAD NEWS
will be there *O* I can't wait for that!!

Pretty much failed at posing...gomen...

I bought those cute headband from Forever21 and I must say,
Forever21 is a good store for Rokku Gals ! They have so much
cute Items!! Just love it!

love em~


  1. I love your hair and make up!
    Lovely Greetings! ♥