Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tomorrow is the DAY!

Hi Gals!

Tomorrow is the day I will meet all my Icons I looked up to since
forever plus one more day for the Anime Expo 2013!! I can't be-
lieve it! I will work for MA*RS/Tutuha! I just cant believe it!!!!!!!

I feel like I am living a dream that I can't wake up from...But I am 
so happy and I am so thankful to Michi chan for giving me a change
of a lifetime! Thank you so much! I will do and Look my best!!

Plus don't forget to follow me on Instagram 
I will post a lot of pictures! Plus a lot of MA*RS Items <3

see you there!
Love em~


  1. have fun! I wish I could be there too ;o;

    1. You should :( I am pretty sure you would had love it :(