Sunday, August 4, 2013


Hi Gals!

Just a small new blog post! I am kinda mad that I cut my front 
hair ... But it was pretty much breaking off anyway but its hair
and it means it will grow back, hehe! Plus I work the whole 
week straight and It pretty much kills my Body :(

Plus you Gals can tell I try something different with my eye
make up! I hope you Gals can tell? But thats pretty much it!
I will try to post something more interesting :(

Well Got to go now!


Haha, looks like a have a new Hair color but I didnt even dyed 
my hair yet xD

Fake Lashes & Eye taper glue !

Candy Doll & Doll Wink~

Yea, I bought a new dolly book again! I just love Japan and there
Dolly Fashion *O*

Aww! My new Dolly, I bought! So kawaii!!

Love em~

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