Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I live for the Applause

Hi Gals!

Today I was in the mood for a darker make up style! Pretty much
Rokku gyaru meets Gothic/Gaga! I want it a more joker face style
with a touch of Gal! I hope I still look Gal in this one but I just love
to go crazy with my style and makeup!

Inspired by:
But pretty much this song, got me back in the Game!
I just love GAGA!


  1. This is not related to the style of your makeup but I first though it was 2NE1's Dara on the right picture *O*

  2. Love the drama in this look! :D

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  4. What type of makeup pallete do you have?
    Btw your makeup and lips look fierce! ^0^