Tuesday, August 20, 2013

...My Passion is a Sin...

Hi Gals!

Well you can pretty much tell that I am going though a hard time, pretty
much I am paddling with my depression again..they come and go but 
this time its getting worst...I try to think positive but I feel so down, I am 
trying to hangout with my friends but of course they have a life to so I 
do feel lonely pretty much everyday and I dont know what to do 
anymore...Oh well moving on! 

I am a blond now and I am thinking to dye my hair in fun awesome
colors! But dont know which color I should do?

 What do you Gals think?

Guess what I bought my Dream cost last week and I hope I will have
this in one to two weeks ! I will take pictures with it!


My newest sketch I did, yea sadly I dont draw that much anymore...
I dont know why...maybe because I am going to a big depression...!
Let hope it will go away...


  1. I'm sorry your having a hard time. It's hard when you're down and no one is around.

    I think you should do a reverse ombré with your hair, maybe with a deep wine red, that would look fucking awesome!

    With drawing, a friend and I sometimes do a weekly project where we both pick a subject and draw it throughout the week comparing on Sunday. It doesn't have to be complete. If you're interested I'll give you my email. It's fun having someone else to draw with, even if they aren't close by!

    1. Thank you! That sounds fun with the drawing! I would love to do that :P and the red and blond Idea is fucking sweet thank you!

    2. Here's my email- springfield.mary@gmail.com

      The one I'm doing this week is the skeleton of a mythical creature :)

  2. Ohhh, maybe do pink? Or blue? I think those colors would look really nice. I can't wait to see the purchase and I love your art style.

    I understand the depression part and not creating art anymore. For me, writing is my artform, but I get depressed often, and when I do, I just can't write. So I understand what you're feeling.

    I hope you pull through it soon! I'm always willing to listen ♥

    1. AWW! your sweet thank you this made me happy :) thank you!