Monday, September 30, 2013


Hi Gals!!

Today my dream wallet come in the mail today!! I am just to happy
and I cant believe it! This wallet is a bitch to find but I found you!
It was made to be with me!! I really need to start shopping more at
the Gal comm *O*

Finally! I waited years to have you & know I do!

My Ma*rs Colletion is getting more and more! I own now
a Bag, Make-up Bag, Wallet, Neckless, mini hand towle,
Bow, lucky bag, shopping Bag and the MA*RS Catalog
with Fumino sign *O* 

Now I just need to start buying my MA*RS Dresses and I
am getting slimmer and slimmer <3

My new CL I bought down town at awesome Japan town!
I just love the way Fumino does her I makeup!! She is hella

Fumi & Tomo 

AWW~ Kawaii Fumino sama!! I wanna meet her again!!
I had so much fun with her and she is the nices Gyaru Idol
I meet!! I love Fumino sama !!


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