Sunday, March 16, 2014

A new Style a New Life

Hi my Dollies,

Sorry for not posting that much on my blog...
I got very lazy and you all know that I change my style way to often.
 That's way I took a little break on my blog. But I am back for good! 

Thank you so much for the new followers I am getting. 
This made me really happy and I would love to show 
you all what I did and got.

Plus you can tell that my blog title change to American Sweet Heart!
And the reason is I am not Japanese and I am not really a Gal anymore...
I still do the gal make up but I don't see myself gyaru anymore~

I really just love to dress the way I want and I don't want to follow
any rules...I want to wear what I feel in the moment!!!
I love everything cute and girly. 

I understand if you unfollow me because of that (^.^)

Those are the items I bought yesterday

Mina&Mer Magazine <3

A really cute Let's Talk shirt from UNIQLE <3

And those cute items! I was so shocked when I found this cute store in
stonestown! I pretty much died when I saw this pretty Store!
Their items reminded me of DreamV/GalStar items!

I defiantly need to shop there again.

Thank you dollies for all of your love I am getting for
my blog! Thank you so much!

Big Kiss Emimarie


  1. Gal or not, dressing how you feel and want to look is important! I think the rule thing is a bit taken to seriously ( i will admit, I was pretty hard into things at one point) bur if you follow rules/trends so closely, where does your unique style come from?
    I hope that makes since!

    lookin cute as always, Emi.

    1. Thank you so much Gal! I will do my best :D