Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Autumn Fashion 2010

It's Fashion time with EMi!! Hey everyone! So today I would love to blog about the newist Fashion trends in japan! I love the color's for this fall seasion! It's black, grey, dark brown and light brown. Those are the color that looks so good on me and they make you slimmer, well make you skiny looking. Love the grey fox tail, soo cute!! I must say that the Magazine Vivi and Nuts have hot, great, just boom fashion trends. Espacely for older gals like us! Popteen and Egg are more for teens but Vivi and Nuts are more for older gals!! And the best part of that is, that you can get them in H&M and forever 21 store! Love love love it! Don't for get the hairstyle plus make up style! I couldn't find the hairstyles but I found one of the make up trends for this seasion. That's the type of make up style that I use everyday, becauce it makes me look good! Just love it. I must say that sayoko is one of my top 3 favo gayru models, she looks just beautiful and I didn't know she was an Egg model, but she was..I think so..? Leave me an comment and become a reader of this blog!! xoxo emimarie~

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