Saturday, November 20, 2010

Today is the DAY!

(one of my tattoo's work!)

Hey guy's, guess what today is...Today is my Tattoo DAY with my friend Celeste and James! And I must say I'm so excited, I didn't Tattoo for at list 5 monat's. Well I was working to getting my tattoo licenese but now I don't need to worry anymore. The picture one the top, was one of my oldtisd work, and I still love it! My friend will take picture of the all day, well I need to ask her first, but I think she will do it, haha! I will post about this day one sunday if I get the picture, but I'm not sure yet..? Don't worry everone you will get to see them! hm..I don't know what to wear, haha! I think I wear something gyarulishes...can I say it like that..? Oh well..haha! Oh man! I'm soo happy  I woke up today very early, because I'm soo excited! Yeaaa~

You all will get to see my workplace, my workstation and etc. After I'm done with the tattoo, I think my friend's will take me out for dinner, not sure yet. But we will see. Thank you! xoxo emi marie~

ps: That will be my make up for today, but with will bit of emistyle

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  1. That tattoo is GORGEOUS, no matter if it's old or not! I've never been too fond of tattoos before but that pic really make me wanna get one too..!