Tuesday, November 30, 2010

ゆまち&愛奈 showing there wuwu

Hey guy's and befor I start with this post, I would like to say that I'm a fan of yuma and aina. But I like erika koda more than yuma and aina! Well everyone is different and not everyone has yuma and aina in there Icon's list. But if you like tham, I don't mine ( ^w^) Yuma and aina are still the boom if it comes to nails, hair, make up and fashion trend's. Today I found and picture of yuma and aina, where you can see theire wuwu, not really the naked wuwu but almost!

I think this picture is still cute, but at the same time its funny! It remainds me of Paris and lindsy, dont forget brintey, haha! But I have one comment to say and I know you all will hate me, but...aina can't sing...! Sorry, but her singing sucks, Yuma singing is 100 times better then aina! Honestly, I don't know if its me or what, but aina stick with the modeling and forget the singing! Ohh that was kind mean.....(.//////.) ohh well, but still I love Aina's hair, make up and nails! 

Just leave me an comment and let me know what you think about the picture I found of yuma and aina, see ya soon! xoxo emimarie~