Wednesday, December 1, 2010

☆December the 1th, plus new layout for DEC.*~☆

 Hey Guy's

So today I went back to work, I work wed to sa. Well the tattoo shop is in the mall, in a shopping mall! I think that's so cool having a tattoo shop in a shopping mall, it makes it so different. OMG! Soon I will get my Ink's and needle's!! Can't wait for that to come, plus I will blog about it, so I can show you guy's what I bought. I really would love to tattoo gyaru's, would be soo much fun! Well maybe I will tattoo a gal! Befor I went to work, I went xmas shopping for my boyfriend! I found something really nice, ayumu satoh would wear it too! I love the color and the style is soo gyaruooooo, just love it! Can you believe it's x-mas is soon, wow. 2011 will be here soon too! Can wait to 2011, I will torn 20 soon to..haha I'm getting old and smexy. (*^A^*) just leave me an comment and let me know what you think! xoxo emimarie~

!!Monday's look!!
Dress:  forever 21
Neckless: betsey johnson
Jacked: ross
Shoes: ross


  1. Foxtail~ I want!!

    I am turning 20 soon too, sighhhh. T_T

  2. haha!! we have something in comment (*^w^*)

  3. You're only turning 20?! I'm turning 23 next week... U.U Anywho, your new layout looks great! ♥

  4. wieso wird mir jetzt erst klar das wir die gleiche sprache sprechen? ^^ das neue lay ist echt super!

  5. hmm ja ne xD ich seh a net wie ne deutsch aus mehr amy aber das lustige ist das ich kein amy bin sonder halb deutsch halb italian xD