Friday, December 10, 2010

☆blink your eye's for me babe*~☆

Hey Guy's, My contact's come yesterday and I was soo happy, well I am still acting like a little girl, haha! I didn't like my black contact's because they make me look like a freak...You see I have green eye's so black dosen't really would look good on me...But the color I pick, look 100 times better than the black ones!! I'M JUST HAPPY!  You will see me know often wearing my contact's, but at work I can't really wear them because if I tattoo someone and my eye's start burning that would be hell for me!! I will wear them only if I hangout with my gals and boyfriend, haha! Well i can wear my contact's sometimes at work, haha!

Yeaaa~ Finally I have good looking contact's!! Yeaaaa~

I'm soooo happy, I can dance the whole day know...not really need to get ready for work today! Yeaaaa~

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xoxo emimarie~